Leo, Bylsma, Boccherini, And The Joys (And Dangers) Of Musical Free Association

I began my adventure here, with Leonardo Leo (thanks to Saturday Chorale). Leo was "one of the leading Neapolitan composers of his day, particularly in the genres of theatre and church music." And this is wonderful stuff. (Anyone else mildly surprised that he nearly always has a slow third movement, rather than the more traditional slow second movement? Anyone?)

Hit this next, which is absolutely wonderful. (Those Bachs were a talented bunch.)

Ended up here, happily. Boccherini is sadly under-appreciated.

"What's so dangerous about this little escapade," you ask? Well, I stumbled into this "gem" between the first and second videos. It would appear that not all Leonardos are created equal.

Attribution(s): "False Note" by Hermann Kern (source) is in the public domain via Wikipedia.