An Act Of Disparation

I'm On-and-Off Vacationing for the next few weeks, alternately chopping down trees and working on ad copy and weed-whacking my new jungle and pruning and tidying up databases, so my life's feeling a touch disparate at the moment.

So, in honor of finding myself doing two radically different things at nearly the same time, here's a video of a professional football player who's also a pretty good opera singer. Talk about cognitive (and vocational) dissonance.

Yes, this video is a essentially a GMC ad, sort of like the site hosting it is essentially a PR vehicle for professional athletes. And yes, he's a kicker, so some folks won't consider him an actual professional football player. But it's darn impressive, all the same.

And now, I'm off to find out a bit more about this Nikita Storojev guy. He sounds awesome!

Baltimore Ravens kicker Justin Tucker is a Pro Bowler. He’s a Super Bowl champion. And he’s … an opera singer. In this Game Break, Justin shows us that the most exhausting thing for him isn’t practice days on the field — it’s hitting the right note off it.
Attribution(s): "Tucker, Being Disparate Once Again" comes from Keith Allison via BY-SA.