The Only Thing Better Than Listening To Your 2-Year-Old Daughter Sing MOANA's "Shiny" Non-Stop? Having Her Sing It In French.

Somewhat mysteriouslyI'm a bit unclear on the detailsPhoebe has become a big fan of the songs from Disney's most recent animated adventure, Moana. I suppose it makes some sense, in hindsight: They're written (at least in part) by Hamilton's Lin-Manuel Miranda, so they're catchy (musically) and clever (lyrically).

Yet even that fact doesn't quite seem to justify the enthusiasm which Phoebe displays while singing the Evil Crab Tamatoa's song, "Shiny," which is performed with a wonderful, charmingly-harmless evilness by Jemaine Clement (from "Flight of the Concords.")

She especially loves the single word/refrain "Shiny"—like all great pop tracks, this one adheres to the rule that a song's name must come from its most frequently-used phrase—and she belts it out at the top of her lungs with great enthusiasm.

Or at least that's what she was doing before she discovered the French version. Now, she dances around the living room singing "Bling, Bling!!!" at the top of her lungs, instead.

It's pretty awesome, to be honest.

Attribution(s): I took this picture of Phoebe. It's mine.