It's Friday, And The Week's Been A Long One, So Here's Victor Borge. You're Welcome.

Some days, there's nothing to do except to sit down and watch scratchy old VHS-sourced videos of a Danish pianist who was born at the beginning of the last century as he cracks joke after hilarious joke about the rich comedic gold mine that is classical music. Today is probably one of those days, so it's really fortunate that The Legendary Victor Borge is currently streaming on AMAZON PRIME.

The video quality leaves something (or much) to be desired—Because "scratchy videos" and "VHS" and "turn of the last century," remember?—but it doesn't even matter. The genius of the Clown Prince of Denmark was never built upon pristine video quality. (And speaking of less-than-ideal video, you can actually watch this one in its entirety on Questar's official YOUTUBE CHANNEL, so there's nothing preventing The Great Dane from brightening your day. And if you happen to stumble across their "Victor Borge" playlist, who am I to judge?)

This set is essential for Borge fans. It contains six of Borge’s most popular public television specials, all of his most requested routines, and it is the first time everything contained in this box-set has been released in one collectible DVD package. Included in this set are such greatest hits as Phonetic Punctuation, The Timid Page Turner, The Opera Singer (featuring Marylyn Mulvey), and Inflationary Language, Autumn Leaves (featuring Robert Merrill), and Victor Borge as Frank Liszt. This is the ultimate Victor Borge collection for which his millions of fans have long been waiting.
Attribution(s): "Borge Performing" comes from Joe Clark and is in the public domain via Wikipedia; "Happy Victor" comes from Jesper Jurcenoks (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikipedia; video, images, and stills are the property of Questar Video and other respective production studios and distributors.