It's Time For My Annual "Disappointment/Frustration With The Academy" Session

Each year, as the seemingly-endless award season gets underway, I tell myself "THIS is the year Roger Deakins will win a little gold statue for Best Cinematography; this is finally the year." And then, each year, I am disappointed (sometimes bitterly so). This year, the suspense was short-lived. Deakins wasn't even nominated.

So I'm keeping myself busy by watching this mash-up of the nominees.

Having seen only Moonlightwhich was certainly cinematographically distinctive (though I couldn't escape the idea that its memorableness was due more to its art direction than to its cinematographyI have little-to-no opinion of who should win. Bradford Young's work on Arrival looks stunning, though. (Here's a Sed contra video essay from Kevin B. Lee, who things that the look of Arrival is more of a technical decision than a creative one. And let's finish this off with a great little video from Scout Tafoya on "The Greatest Cinematography of All Time.")

Attribution(s): The stunning Arrival image is the property of Paramount Pictures and other respective production studios and distributors.