My #LentInMusic, 2017 (Day 15)

Pursuing a melodic trail begun by yesterday's post, here's a more traditional setting of the "Seven Last Words," from a more well-known (at least to me) composer: Heinrich Schütz. Interestingly, it has a heavy dose of orchestration, as well (as does one of the most famous versions, from Franz Joseph Haydn). And also, the playlist.

Da Jesus an dem Kreuze stund und ihm sein Leichnam war verwund’t
sogar mit bittern Schmerzen, die sieben Wort, die Jesus sprach,
betracht in deinem Herzen.
Muse in your heart the seven words that Jesus pronounced
in bitter sorrows when he was on the cross, covered with wounds.
Attribution(s): "Glockenspiel Bells" by cocoparisienne (via the Visualhunt site).