The Lasting (And Massive) Legacy Of Saul Bass

As anyone who follows my blog with any regularity will know by now, I love title sequences. (If you do not know this about me by now, get out while there's still time!!! ...but I digress)

I recently happened across a fantastic video essay, "Saul Bass' Legacy: TV Title Sequences." Created by a (seemingly) bodiless voice named "Entertain The Elk," it's basically catnip for people like me. So if you love title sequences, love the astonishing influence Saul Bass exerted over them, and are a cat, this is your video. (I had no idea he'd designed so many iconic corporate logos, but I guess I shouldn't be surprised. Genius gonna genius.)

Examining Saul Bass and his lasting legacy in title sequences by reflecting on his work in feature films and how he helped influence the current Golden Age of Television.
Attribution(s): Video and stills are the property of Entertain The Elk; the title sequences themselves belong to their respective studios and distributors.