"High Water At St. Anthony's"

This is something I found while researching Paul Johnson's "Landthropoligic," which I posted earlier this week. It's only 30 seconds long, and it was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone. (This is something else I found. But stay focused!)

Interestingly, it looks like St. Anthony Falls is situated very close to downtown Minneapolis, but Johnson's editing pretty much entirely obscures that fact...until the final shot. (Also, it's starting to feel as though every piece of music used to accompanying videos like this one is required to sound like Hans Zimmer's "Time." I'm not complaining; just observing.)

Named after the Catholic saint Anthony of Padua, the falls is the birthplace of the former city of St. Anthony and to Minneapolis when the two cities joined in 1872 to fully use its economic power for milling operations.
Attribution(s): All artwork, images, and stills are the property of Paul Johnson whose Instagram and Tumblr accounts are super-great, as well.